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Together we can watch some movies with talented people in handling poker cards, not only as players, but with luck could do that as dealers. Therefore to impress your friends at the next poker game, we suggest you watch the videos below, and with some exercise you will be able to make "magic" with a deck of cards .You can also read a few words spoken by people who have gained wealth from the game of poker.

1. David Sklansky about Poker

"When you play, you should understand before anything else, we're in the game to make money."

2. From Anthony Holden's "Big Deal" book

"Poker may be considered a branch of psychological warfare, an art form or indeed a way of life - but is also just a game in which money is simply a means of keeping score."

3. David Mamet about Poker

"Poker reveals something very important observer - you will learn about their own nature. Many players do not improve because they can not bear self-knowledge ... "

4. Bobby Baldwin about Poker

"You can not survive without that intangible quality called
 heart. Mark is a top player can earn as much when he is the winner, but rather how to deal with his loss. If you win for thirty days in a row, makes no difference if in the thirty-one have a bad night, you tilt and lose everything you won. "

5. Crandell Addington about Poker

"Poker Limit (Fixed-Limit) is a science, but No-Limit Texas is an art. In Fixed-Limit, you must shoot at a target. In No-Limit, the target life and she can shoot you. "

6. From Andy Bellin's "Poker Nation " book

"In the absence of mathematical explanations in poker, one thing is certain: if you engage ingames of chance long enough, these games you will affect how you see God. If you winthree hands successfully with the straight draw, you think you got because you're blessed.But if you lose the person in front of a draw for the third time, then you go home with the feeling that you were cursed. "