• Variants & GamePlay

    1. Stud Poker

    2. Seven Card Stud

    3. Texas Hold' Em

    4. Chicago
  • ? Stud Poker
    One or more cards are dealt face down;
    follows one upcard with a betting round,
    and more up cards,
    each time followed by a betting round
    (and in a seven-card stud, a final downcard).
    The most famous forms are five-card stud and seven-card stud.
    Of course, those additional cards received can completely
    change the rank of player's hands.... and
    once the new cards are received,
    the player has another chance to bet.
  • ? Seven Card Stud
    There are three variations: high, low and high-low.
    In seven-card low, the lowest hand wins and
    in seven-card high-low, the players vie
    for both extremes with the highest hand
    and the lowest hand each claiming half the pot.
    In each variation, players receive seven cards.
    After the first three cards are dealt
    (two face down, one up)there is a betting round.
    The next three are dealt open with a betting round
    after each.The remaining players, who haven't folded,
    therefore have four open and three closed cards from
    which they choose their best hand.
  • ? Texas Hold' Em
    Texas Hold' Em is maybe the most popular POker game.
    Similar to seven-card stud, the key difference being
    that all the players get just two cards
    face-down of their own and five cards face up
    in the middle of the table for everyone's use
    (called "community cards"). Each player has seven
    cards to make up the best poker hand possible
    - just that the five community cards are used by all
    the other players as well. Up to nine players may
    play simultaneously. Texas hold'em has only four
    rounds of betting opposed to five like seven-card stud.
  • ? Chicago
    Two cards are down, one up to each player.
    The same proceeds as in the seven-card stud,
    but the player who has the highest spade
    spade face down "in the hole" gains half the pot.
  • Strategies
    1. Sklanksky Vs Morton

    2. Bluff

    3. Reasons for Raising

    4. Reasons for Calling
  • ? Sklanksky Vs Morton
    According to the first one, every time you play
    your hand the way you would if you could
    see your opponent's cards, you gain, and every time
    your opponent plays his cards differently from
    the way he would play them if he could see
    your cards, you gain (example, the use of bluff).
    Morton stated that in multi-way pots,
    a player's expectation can be maximized by
    an opponent making a correct decision.
  • ? Bluff
    Is a form of deception used to induce opponents to
    to fold superior hands; its user hopes to have his
    opponents to act differently than what they
    would do if they could see his cards.
  • ? Reasons for Raising
    In order to drive out opponents, to gain information,
    to gain a free card, to get more money in the pot....
  • ? Reasons for Calling
    In order to set up a bluff, toi see more cards,
    to prevent an opponent from re-raising ...
  • ? Poker hand nicknames
    J5 Jackson Five.
    T2 The Todd Doyle.
    KQ The Ice Breaker.
    44 Fourtale.
    AJ The Unrare.
    A4 Aces.
    A2345 First Street, Little Minnie.
  • ? Poker hand nicknames
    A23 ABC.
    AA88 Dead Man's Hand.
    AA222 Marksman.
    AA23 Princess Leia.
    2357J All The Primes.
    KKKK Four Horsemen.
    KKQQ Mommas and Poppas, Double Date.
  • ? Poker hand nicknames
    KKK Alabama Knight Riders, Three Wise Men, Christmas Special, Ku Klux Klan.
    KQJT9 Off-Broadway.
    QQQQ Village People.
    QQQ Six Tits, Daisy Hand.
    QQ33 San Francisco waiters (Queens and Treys).
    JJJ "Hart, Schaffner and Marx".
    JJ55 Rock 'n' Roll, Motown.
  • ? Poker hand nicknames
    JJ33 Hookers with crabs.
    TTTT Larry (Larry Fortensky, Elizabeth Taylor's eighth husband).
    TTT Thirty Miles of Bad Road, Elk River, Gilroy, Judge Bean.
    T8642 Rizlo, Scotch Straight.
    9988 Oldsmobile.
    9966 Dinner for Four.
    777 21, 21 Miles of Rough Road, Jackpot.
  • ? Poker hand nicknames
    77744 Sailing Rednecks.
    75432 (offsuit) Kansas City.
    666 The Devil, Lucifer, The Beast, Devil's Area Code, Kotch
    65432 Rabbit, The World Trade Center Straight.
    555 Pork Chop Sandwiches.
    4444 Yacht club.
    444 Grand Jury.
  • ? Poker hand nicknames
    365 (Dutch for three hundred sixty-five).
    3333 Forest, Four Trees.
    33222 Mites and Lice, Nits and Licet.
    3322 Socks and Shoes, Mits and Mites.
    2222 Mighty Ducks
    222 Huey, Dewey, and Louie.
  • Alternative Names for Cards ~Ace A~
    Blackberry (A♣),
    Bull,Bullet,Death Card (A♠),
    Eyes, Mastercard, One Spot,Pig's Eye (A♦),
    Puppy Foot (A♣),
    Rocket, Seed,Sharp Top,Spadille (A♠),
    Spike, Spot, Tax Card (A♠).
  • Alternative Names for Cards ~King K~
    Cowboy, K-Boy, Knight, Monarch, Sergeant, Alexander (K♣),
    Charlemagne (K♥), Charles (K♥),King Without a Mustache (K♥),Suicide King (K♥),
    David (K♠),
    Julius Caesar (K♦), One-Eyed King (K♦), the Man with the Ax (K♦),The Butcher of Baghdad (K♦).
  • Alternative Names for Cards ~Queen Q~
    Bitch, Cowgirl, Dame, Lady, Girl, Hen, Joy Girl, Painted Lady, Whore, mop-squeezer,
    Bedpost Queen(Q♠),Black Maria (Q♠), Calamity Jane (Q♠),Molly Hogan (Q♠), Pallas Athena (Q♠),Fanny Kaplan (Q♠),
    Argine (Q♣),
    Helen of Troy (Q♥),Judith (Q♥),
    Stenographer (Q♦)
  • Alternative Names for Cards ~Jack J~
    Boy, Bower,Fishhook, Hook, J-Bird, J-Boy, Jackal, Jackson, Jacksonville, Jake, John, Johnny, Johnson, Knave, Valet, Fish Hook,
    Eunuch (J♠),Ogier (J♠),
    Hector (J♦), Roland (J♦)
    La Hire (J♥),
    Lancelot (J♣), Pam (J♣).
  • Alternative Names for Cards ~10 T~
    Big Cassino (10♦), Dime, Sawbuck, Bo Derek.
  • Alternative Names for Cards ~9 9~
    Neener, Nina Ross, Niner, Curse of Scotland (9♦),Pothook, Scourge of Scotland (9♦).
  • Alternative Names for Cards ~8 8~
    Fat Lady, Ocho, Snowman, 8 Land, Time travel.
  • Alternative Names for Cards ~7 7~
    Beer Card (7♦), Candy Cane, Hockey Stick, Mullet, Salmon, Walking Stick.
  • Alternative Names for Cards ~6 6~
    A Boot, Grace's Card (6♥), Loyalty at the Risk of Death (6♥), Sax, Sex.
  • Alternative Names for Cards ~5 5~
    Five Spot, Nickel, Pedro.
  • Alternative Names for Cards ~4 4~
    Boat, Four Spot, One Legged Ace, Broken Ace, Sailboat, Sharp Top, The Devil's Bedpost (4♣).
  • Alternative Names for Cards ~3 3~
    Crab, Trey, Butts.
  • One-eyed Royals
    The phrase one-eyed royals is jargon referring to
    the 3 face cards showing only 1 eye: the Jack of Spades (J♠),
    Jack of Hearts (J♥) and King of Diamonds (K♦).
    The terminology results from the depiction of the face
    on the card as being shown in profile, so only one eye
    is visible (all other face cards show 2 eyes).
    The jacks are also referred to, separately, as one-eyed jacks:
    Jack of Spades (J♠), Jack of Hearts (J♥).
  • One-eyed Royals
    They are frequently used in home games of
    draw poker as wildcards. Because the King of Diamonds
    is the only king card bearing an axe (the others show swords),
    a common phrase for the one-eyed royals is
    "One-eyed Jacks, the Man with the Axe". Those three cards are
    are the only cards of differing rank and suit in a
    common deck that share an identifying trait.

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